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In an Age Rife with Disruption, Flow Control Group Sought LTL Stability



Keep Data Flowing and Increase Bottom-Line Savings in the Age of Disruption

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Combating Elevated LTL Costs Using Automated Solutions

Flow Control Group (FCG) is made up of 70 companies across 150 locations, half utilizing LTL shipping to deliver goods to customers daily. Working across multiple locations and navigating disruptions that continue to impact the global and domestic supply chains, FCG required a trusted partner to maintain costs and improve freight flow.

Redwood reviewed FCG’s historical LTL data and current needs, uncovering bottom-line savings totaling 21%. Combined with Redwood’s automated solutions designed to provide increased visibility and reporting, FCG continues to navigate today’s supply chain maze of challenges.



Versatility of access to Redwood's LTL shipment execution platform or integration with your existing TMS. Redwood takes a system-agnostic, custom approach with every shipper.


Redwood collaborates directly with shippers to build a carrier selection process that works best for you. Tariffs are customized for your network based on the priorities most important to you.


Redwood is equipped with the scalability of being able to ebb and flow with shippers...when you pivot we pivot with you, up down and sideways. If you decrease your LTL spend, but increase TL or Parcel... we can help. If you increase LTL spend and need to move from our hosted TMS to an enterprise TMS, we are authorized resellers of Oracle and MercuryGate and can help with integrations.


Increase LTL Savings Today

Learn how to increase your LTL savings and reinforce your operations to handle future challenges today. Additionally, our teams are always standing by to help you identify improvement areas for cost savings, carrier mix optimization, and accessorial analysis & reduction.